Sunday, July 31, 2011

Please donate! We're SO CLOSE to reaching the total!

As the title states, we are extremely close to being able to buy all our books and having them in time to start the year. Due to a ridiculously awesome sale on Amazon, we need about $1200 LESS than we previously calculated. We still need about $1,000 though, so every donation helps us get twice as close!

Right now, $4 will buy a book, so if you like the idea of how many books rather than how much money, think if it this way: $20 will buy us FIVE books. That's TWICE as many as the regular retail price!

Even if you have already donated or are unable to, you can still repost or share this blog with other folks you know. Spread the word and help up reach our goal!

1 comment:

  1. I just donated $16. Ten from the garage sale money I forgot to bring. $5 for selling something on Craigslist and $1 to cover any admin fees on your end. :-)Still selling other stuff on CL.